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Royal College of Physicians (Pendants)

Royal College of Physicians (Pendants)


Back Lighting:
Illuminating the barrisol diffusor to add to the ambient lighting or change colour to match the branding of an event.


3 concentric circles are concealed behind the barrisol


AML 340, Brilliant Blue
AML 828, White – Warm, 2800°K

Control Gear Location

Adjacent to lamps

Project Partners


Royal College of Physicians, Ireland


Scott Tallon Walker

Lighting Designer:

John Bullock


CJ Ryder Lawlor


Colour Change System

System application

To provide a colour change option where the venue hosts a wide range of events which need a particular identity, from soft warm white to sharp electric blue.

Key features of the system

  • Infinite array of colours
  • Adjustable to suit the particular branding of an event


By installing red, green and blue lamps in parallell, an infinite array of colours can be achieved by cross fading. The colours can be adjusted to match the branding of a particualr function, or add to the ambiance of the setting. The finished product enjoys all of the benefits of cold cathode lighting which cannot be achieved by other colour change light sources.

Optional upgrade