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Church House

Church House


Back Lighting:
To illuminate the ornate stain–glass and provide functional task lighting. High CRI white perfectly illuminates the each tone in the stain glass.


Behind Stain Glass


AML 945, White – Cool, 4500°K

Control Gear Location

Remote from lamp, up to 60 metres

Project Partners


Church House, Belfast




Vaughan Group

AML Remote 2800

Cold Cathode System

System application

To provide high lux level task lighting. Where construcution detail requires a distance between lamp and control gear greater than 1.5 mts.

Key features of the system

  • 2800 Lumens per metre for functional task lighting


20mm diameter cold cathode lamps with magnetic control gear placed remotely from the lamp. For use where the construction detail does not allow sufficient space for lamp and control gear to be situated adjacently, or where the on–going maintenance is a consideration. The high light output of 2800 lumens per metre is ideal for functional task lighting. The control gear may be placed up to 60 metres from the lamp. For extreme climatic conditions, the lamp connections can be weather sealed and the control gear placed within the building.

Optional upgrade