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Ramada Encore Hotel (Restaurant)

Ramada Encore Hotel (Restaurant)


Rafted Ceilings:
To highlight the outline of the space and add to the ambient lighting.


With–in cove


AML 830, White – Warm, 3000°K

Control Gear Location

Adjacent to Lamp

Project Partners


Ramada Hotel

Architect and Consultant:

WDR & RT Taggart


Rotary Group

AML Compact 2800

Cold Cathode System

System application

To provide high lux level task lighting. Where lamp and control gear can be situated adjacently in the construction detail.

Key features of the system

  • Compact lamp and control gear
  • 2800 Lumens per metre for functional task lighting


20mm diameter cold cathode lamps with integrated electronic control gear. For use where the construction detail allows the lamp and control gear to be situated adjacently. The light output of 2800 lumens per metre is ideal for functional task lighting and integrating to the architecture of the building. For extreme climatic conditions, the lamp connections can be weather sealed and integrated with IP 67 control gear.

Optional upgrade