AM Light

Ideas the shine



Inspired by balloon dogs at children’s parties, this joyful collection of thirteen neon dogs was a glowing celebration of every child’s favourite party trick. 

Derry Lumiere, 2013

In the winter of 2013, an incredible year of arts and culture in the city came to a close with a four day celebration of light. A spectacular raft of installations and projections was brought in to illuminate Derry’s buildings, streets and bridges. AM Light was appointed as the sole neon contractor, responsible for the manufacture and installation of four unique pieces.



Thirteen individual pieces in various colours.  Each piece is 3 dimensional and stands under its own weight.  Each piece is crafted from 18mm diameter glass.

Project Partners

Produced by
Artichoke for the Lumiere, Derry~Londonderry 2013
Designed by
Deepa Mann–Kler
Photography by
Chris Hill