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The Art of Neon

The artists behind the art.

Classic. Timeless. Fabulous. These are just some of the superlatives which spring to mind when we think about Neon. They are certainly some of the qualities we have always sought to instil in our Neon creations.

You see, we have been crafting exquisite Neon for over 40 years, illuminating our clients’ brands, businesses and buildings around the world, and turning creative vision into artistic reality. So whether you need a one off individually designed sign, corporate signage for a chain of shops or a hand crafted piece of art, AM Neon has the imagination, capability and talent to deliver what you want.

But of course, Neon isn’t for everyone. Unlike other solutions, Neon doesn’t come ‘off the shelf’. It is a bespoke product that serves a specialist niche market. Little wonder then, that crafting high end Neon is a specialist skill, one that combines an artist’s eye for colour with a sculptor’s appreciation of form and dimension.

These are skills that our craftsmen have closely honed over the past decades and, as we’re sure you will agree, the results of our labours speak for themselves.

 “…it’s like neon…” 

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

When it comes to Neon, the old adage,…If it ain’t broke…. has never been more relevant. Transformer and control technologies continue to evolve, but the magical combination of Neon’s hand–formed glass tubes and inert gases, give businesses the means to stand out from the crowd in ways that have often been imitated, but never re–created.

And, contrary to many misconceptions, Neon is remarkably green – environmentally speaking! In terms of its energy efficiency and sustainability, Neon can hold its own against competing technologies. Neon is highly energy efficient in comparison to other types of illumination and what is more, when it comes to its longevity, Neon excels.

The life expectancy of a neon tube is over 15 years, but many of our installations have been around for decades, far out performing other market–LED solutions!

While we’re on the subject of LED, let’s be frank – LED has its place, but for sheer brilliance, warmth, vibrancy and boundless range of colours available, nothing matches Neon.

A bright idea for your brand

Your corporate brand is perhaps your greatest business asset. You invest heavily in its design and work hard to sustain its integrity. So the way that you present your brand, whether it be online, in print, on the high street or on your buildings, is of crucial importance.

With AM Light, you have the reassurance of knowing that you are dealing with dependable, knowledgeable professionals who understand the importance of brand equity. With over 40 years behind us, we are highly skilled in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of high end Neon works. All of which is reinforced by our vast experience that will enhance your idea in ways that are visually relevant, appealing and memorable.

In short, we’ll create a warm, reassuring Neon glow for your idea.

The bigger picture

So what can our Neon do for you? The only restriction is your imagination….

Neon Signs

Arguably one of the best and most cost effective methods of advertising, we can create a bespoke sign that will imprint your brand, business or service in the hearts and minds of customers everywhere.

Neon Culture

Our Neon creations featured widely throughout the Lumiere Festival, part of the Derry~Londonderry City of Culture celebrations

Neon Art

For an internationally renowned theatre, we created the Neon art installation, ‘Release’, an interpretation of Picasso’s famous Peace Dove.

Neon Lights, Camera, Action

Our Neon work has been used extensively in TV studios, film sets and theatres. 

The one & only, Neon.